Demolition Underway at Universal Orlando

Expansion is a fact of life at Universal Orlando, and with expansion comes demolition.

The former Sound-stage 44, which formerly housed the Hercules and Xena show, was torn down, as captured by Orlando Theme Park News in a two-part series of photos. Sam looks behind the fence and captures the whole messy scene with the building’s old equipment still intact. The Meet the Donkey attraction was also torn down.

While Universal has not released details about what’s being built on the huge lot, commenters on the OTPN blog had lots of fun speculating.

Some thoughts? A walk-through haunted house, Battleship 4-D, a restaurant overlooking the park and lake. Transformers was pretty much nixed as being too big for the site and too similar to Spider-Man.

Some additional thoughts have been posted at ScreamScape:

I’d much rather see a classic haunted house style dark ride installed instead, maybe featuring Universal’s Classic Monsters, which could tie with the nearby Monster Café. But if they do it, I hope they do it well and put some good money into it to make it a top notch attraction and try to be unique. Still… I’m hoping for something a bit more elaborate for this site myself.

It’s obvious that Universal will not let a prime piece of real estate languish for too long, but we also know that they’ll make an announcement — all in due time.

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