Count-Down Clock For Universal’s Transformers!

Universal Orlando Resort is planning a big announcement. As always, they’re remaining mum until the very last minute.

However, theme park bloggers have been posting photographs of the construction site that point to a Transformers ride.

Well, we’ve know that for a while, but now there’s a countdown clock on their Facebook page with the end date of Nov. 1, 2012 at 7:30 p.m.

A clever little techie, Dan, at Orlando United dug through the code and found confirmation.

Dan of Orlando United was able to find the Transformer reference buried in the code of the countdown clock.

Thanks to our man in Orlando, Seth Kubersky, who forwarded the message from

Now we await similar confirmation of the new Harry Potter/Hogsmeade Express attraction.

Update: Once the word got out, Universal quickly changed the code to “uorclock.swf” from “TransformerCoundown_clock.swf.”

Oh, well, the beans have been spilled!

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