Coming Attractions…

I’m hearing some buzz about “Orlando Attractions Magazine”, a new venture that Matt Roseboom and Ricky Brigante are trying to get off the ground. I’m not familiar with Matt, but Ricky is a great guy who runs the always-interesting “Inside the Magic” WDW-centric podcast. (I may be biased, since Ricky once aided me in getting a copy of the Alien Encounter attraction soundtrack, which goes great with the AE chair I keep on my porch. Thanks, Ricky!)

Matt and Ricky are hoping their “Orlando Attractions” will fill a niche a “the only magazine available that covers all of the Orlando area theme parks, tourist attractions, restaurants and more with news, in-depth feature articles, attention-grabbing photos, updates and interviews”. Sounds like it could be a fun read, like an O-Town “E-Ticket”, if done right. But dead-tree publishing is an increasingly difficult business, and there’s no word yet on their economic model or printing schedule. So we’ll just have to wish them luck, and wait and see what hits the newsstands in the the coming months.

In the meantime, check out their website here:

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