Cheers! 5 million Butterbeers Sold at Universal

On Wednesday, December 12, 2012, Universal Orlando Resort and its guests celebrated the 5-millionth serving of Butterbeer.


Universal Orlando celebrated the sale of 5 million Butterbeers this week by giving away 1,000 mugs of the treasured beverage of choice for Harry Potter and friends.

Devotees are characterized by their creamy mustaches!

According to Universal Orlando 2013, published by the Intrepid Traveler, the popular drink is a vanilla shortbread cookie-flavored soda, with a thick head of butterscotch non-dairy whipped topping, available in cold and slushie-style frozen forms.

Butterbeer is sold at the Hogs’ Head Pub and Three Broomsticks restaurant, and at a couple of carts. At last check, it costs $3 to $4 or $10 to $11 with a souvenir cup.


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