Changes Underway at Royal Pacific Resort’s Tchoup Chop

Emeril’s hallmark eatery at the Royal Pacific Resort is updating its staff, menu, and digs, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Chef Ryan Vargas, a native of Hawaii with more than 20 years of experience, is now in charge of the kitchen at Tchoup Chop, the Asian-Polynesian themed restaurant created by Emeril Legasse. Andy Vaughn is handling business-related matter.

But a restaurant is all about the food, and menu changes include dishes prepared in a new Japanese robata grill (one of two restaurants to use the grill), an updated sushi bar, and a new cocktail menu.

According to the Sentinel:

A robata grill sears meat, seafood and vegetables at up to 1,000F, allowing dishes to maintain their natural juices and flavor. Tchoup Chop is one of only two restaurants in Orlando to use the unique and rustic grilling method.

Guests can order small dishes from the robata menu as sides with an entrée, as appetizers to share with the table, or with several selections from the menu as an entrée, choosing from options such as Japanese eggplant with a chili mint sauce, pork belly Tocino and lemongrass-marinated chicken wing with spicy chili sauce.

Located at 6300 Hollywood Way, the restaurant’s name is a play on New Orleans’ Tchoupitoulas Street and the culinary term “chop.”

For sure, with all the dining options at Universal, there’s no reason to go hungry!

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