Changes At Arabian Nights

My favorite Orlando dinner attraction, Arabian Nights, is spiffing up for 2007.

“We are particularly proud of our ‘07 product,” explained owner Mark Miller. “We believe that every division has contributed to making Orlando’s Number One dinner experience better than ever.”

The show features 15 new horses trained and ridden by the finest equestrians in the world. The precision and beauty of the 65 horses and more than two dozen riders in the Arabian Nights 22-act show is the foundation of the Arabian Nights experience.

For 2007, the Princess Scheherezade is joined by both the good Prince Khalid and his archenemy, Prince Vaneer. Fortunately for Scheherezade, the Arabian Nights Genie is duplicated during the show, giving her twice the power and protection that only a Genie can give!

Perhaps the biggest change for 2007, however, is the Magic of Michael Barron. Starting with the Great Hall experience, where Michael performs on stage, and continuing into the show itself, Michael provides experiences that fill the audience with wonder.

“There is no doubt that this show has benefited greatly from the addition of Michael Barron’s particular brand of excitement,” Miller said. “It adds so much to the total experience.”

Additions are not limited to the show, either. Arabian Nights has introduced a new menu for 2007, adding New York Strip Steak to the menu that includes Grilled Chicken Breast, Chopped Steak with Gravy, Vegetable Lasagna, and Chicken Fingers.


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