Busch Gardens Africa Updates

Courtesy of Screamscape;

Hospitality House [is] now called the Garden Gate Café. For whatever reason the Myombe Reverve (Gorillas) is now part of Morocco instead of Nairobi in the list of attractions. The bigger change is that the Budweiser themed Crown Colony area been removed from the map like it never existed and the Skyride, Clydesdale Hamlet and Edge of Africa and Crown Colony Restaurant are now part of Egypt. Oh, and the Budwesier merchandise shops (Label Stable / A-B Trading Company) are now also removed from the map.

You can see the new map here (PDF).

Also, in keeping with the apparent policy to gradually remove all beer references from the park, the Brewmasters Club has closed and the Sundowner Safari (with the beer tasting) has been discontinued.

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