Blue Man Group Auditions in Orlando

Blue Man Group was in Orlando auditioning performers for its new Universal Orlando venue (as well as other shows around the world) and Seth Kubersky was there.

The several-dozen-strong crowd waiting for the start of the two-day open auditions was almost exclusively male, despite the casting call’s insistence that a Blue Man is “an egoless, genderless being.” Speaking of which, there was no sign of Arrested Development’s Tobias Fünke, though there was a colorful gentleman with “Will Dance for Tips” emblazoned on his jacket who might have gotten lost en route to the Gong Show. Aside from a strict height range (5 feet, 10 inches to 6 feet, 1 inch), there were few barriers to entry. You didn’t need to shave your head or chew WonkaGum to apply, and being able to “catch balls in [your] mouth” (like Orlando’s mayor) isn’t a prerequisite.

One member of the troupe is already definite.

One person who will perform here is Anthony Parrulli. A Tampa native and self-confessed band geek, you may have seen him in the late ’90s as a Jaminator at Epcot or as a drummer in Universal’s Mardi Gras parade. After an open audition in Orlando, Parrulli joined the Vegas BMG show in 1999. He’s enthusiastic to return as the captain of the new show, and he makes it sound like a great life: Call time isn’t until 4 p.m., the makeup takes less than 45 minutes, and Gary Busey once invited them to ride Clydesdales to the Dairy Queen drive-through.

While you’re waiting for Blue Man Group to arrive, why not explore The Other Orlando?

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