Atlantis Now Open at Kennedy Space Center

The Atlantis space shuttle exhibit has opened at the Kennedy Space Center.

Two years after its last flight into space, the shuttle Atlantis is talking off at the Kennedy Space Center.

A 90,000 square-foot visitors center has opened there with Atlantic as the centerpiece. Over 30 years, the shuttle flew 33 successful missions.

At the $100 million exhibit, visitors will be able to view images from the Hubble Space telescope, experience life within the International Space Station along with detailed accounts of astronaut experiences, fly through the history of space shuttleand take part in more than 60 interactive displays and simulators. The highlight is a realistic simulation of the space shuttle’s 8 1/2-minute ascent into orbit.

On exhibit will be the booster rockets and external fuel tank, a space toilet (with instructions in English and Russian) and a landing slide that replicates the shuttle landing.

Admission tickets purchased through the web cost $50 for adults and $40 for children; included is a single-day admission to the visitor center and two-day admission to the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fall.

For details on the other exhibits at Kennedy Space Center (and other Orlando attractions), check out After Disney: The Other Orlando, by Kelly Monaghan and Seth Kubersky.

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