Aquatica Teasing New Attraction

A big red balloon with a 105′ tag is generating curiosity about Aquatica’s anticipated attraction. SeaWorld says is promises to be the tallest water thrill ride of its kind on Orlando. At more than 100 feet, such balloons typically  mark sight lines for new attractions.

SeaWorld’s comment thus far: ”Something tall is coming to Aquatica Orlando in 2014.”

Screamscape reports that the water ride is just the beginning of a 10-year expansion and says it will go between the wave pool and Omaka Rocka. He says:

Essentially I think we may be seeing a merger of sorts of the Texas park’s two major attractions concepts: Stingray Falls and Wahalla Wave. Wahalla Wave is a ProSlide Tornado Wave (Proslide’s take on the Boomerango concept). Stingray Falls is a family raft slide, than ends with a trip below the surface where you float through an underwater viewing tunnel to look at Stingrays and tropical fish before the ride comes to an end.

The new attraction tower appears to be the starting point for two separate Tornado Wave style slides, where the riders were drop into the half-pipe style structure, reverse direction and both enter into a splashdown pool, where both will connect to the start of what looks like a lazy river portion of the ride. From here, I can only guess that riders will continue the journey in their rafts down through a twisting course, past possible new animal exhibits and possibly underwater viewing opportunities before disembarking their rafts.

With all the expansion at Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, it only makes sense that SeaWorld/Aquatica do likewise.


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