Another Great Stay at Portofino Bay

We’ll be leaving Portofino Bay after a lovely 4-day stay in room 2509, with its smashing view over the Piazza and the soaring Christmas tree, which gets lit every night at 6.

Of the three Loews hotels at Universal Orlando, this has always been our favorite (the others are Hard Rock Hotel and Royal Pacific Resort). And the view as you drive into the hotel has never ceased to astound me.

I noticed one change: It used to be that “club level” was synonymous with location. In other words, if you were in a “villa” room (as we were), you had access to the club lounge.

This is no longer the case. Now you need to specify that you want “Club Concierge Level” when you book. On arrival, you will be given a special gold room key that grants access to the lounge.

The new policy raises a number of questions in my mind, which I have not yet gotten answers to. But until I track down the full story, remember that if you want club level privileges, you must specify “club concierge level.” Just booking a room in the “Villa Wing” won’t do it, apparently.

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