An Inside Look at Training SeaWorld’s Whales

If you’re looking for background information on how SeaWorld has developed its newest attraction, One Ocean, check out the park blog, Inside SeaWorld.

Written by the staff at SeaWorld, the most recent blog focuses on the whales and their trainers. Despite the fact that the trainers have not interacted with the whales in the water since the death of Dawn Brancheau last year, they have maintain a sense of intimacy when interacting with them.

It’s clearly a case of give and take: trainers’ enthusiasm is evident in the whales’ response, which in turn connects to the audience.

According to the blog:

Positive reinforcement is at the core of the relationship between these majestic animals and their trainers. This reinforcement comes in many forms including rubs, toys, ice cubes, games and food.

One Ocean opened April 22 in Orlando. The attraction will open Memorial Day at SeaWorld San Diego and in June at SeaWorld San Antonio.

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