A Nice SeaWorld Survey

Orlando Weekly’s Seth Kubersky had a nice account of a recent visit to SeaWorld. Here’s his take on Pet’s Ahoy:

I’m sorry that I never stopped to see the Pets Ahoy! show on earlier visits, because it was the most fun I’ve had in a theme-park theater in years. A stylized surfside scene – currently decked out with Christmas décor – is the setting for a series of Rube Goldberg–like scenarios, showing off a dexterous cast of canines and felines with the odd duck thrown in for good measure. These amazing animals are mostly rescued from shelters, making the production even more awww-inspiring. Even the best-trained pet is inherently unpredictable, which greatly ups the adorability. Best of all, visible and verbal contributions by the human hosts are kept to a minimum, letting the critters do their cute thing without needless yakking. My only criticism is that it’s over too soon.

I couldn’t have put it better myself. Seth contributes here occasionally (we should only be so lucky).

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