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Resort Hotels: Renaissance Orlando - Amenities


The Renaissance is a fairly compact property, with much of the available space taken up by meeting rooms and the parking that goes with them. However, they have managed to pack in the kind of recreational activities you’d expect of a well-appointed resort.


A spacious, heated, Olympic-sized pool is located outside, in a grassy area to the rear of the hotel. A large hot tub is just paces away, as is a fenced-in child’s wading pool area. There is plenty of room for sun bathing, on lounge chairs or on the lawn and a poolside bar beckons. There is no lifeguard on duty, so children under 16 must be under adult supervision at all times. Pool hours are 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

nèu lotus spa

The nèu (pronounced “new”) lotus spa is as low key as the use of lower case letters would suggest. Located on the hotel’s second floor, it is a compact and nicely decorated getaway offering a full range of salon services and spa “therapies” with names like “micronized marine algae envelopment.” Procedures, or should I say experiences, range from $35 to over $200. You can opt for a series of packages ranging from $150 to $405 for a 4-hour 20-minute “Lazy Day Indulgence.” All spa guests have access to the steam rooms and a comfortable “relaxation area,” where you can help yourself to a selection of juices, read a magazine, and play with some fun little wooden puzzles. If that’s all you’d care to do, it’s yours for just $20 a day.

Fitness Center

Just off the main lobby is a sleek health club offering the very latest in pec-pumping paraphernalia. Here you can exhaust yourself on treadmills, recumbent and standing bicycle machines, or stairclimbers. For the die-hard traditionalist, there are also free weights. Access to the fitness center is free, but you will need your room key to unlock the door. Fitness-minded guests can also stop by the concierge desk for a map of one- to four-mile jogging routes along nearby streets, most of them along paved sidewalks.

Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball

Just past the pool you will find still more options for staying active during your visit to the resort. There are two tennis courts and a full basketball court, both of which are lighted to allow for night time play. During the day, you can take advantage of the nice, sandy volleyball court. Nearby is a recreation area featuring a four-square court, bocce ball, tether ball, and a three-hole putting green.

All are free, as is the equipment needed to play. The hotel staff will even help arrange pick-up volleyball games. This area was scheduled for expansion at press time, so expect more options for active play when you visit.

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