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Aquatica - What To Expect

If you’ve been to a water park before, you will find Aquatica pretty familiar, save for one or two special features that set it apart from the herd. For those who are new to the water park experience, a short introduction to the various types of water park experiences may be in order.

Slides. These are the most basic rides. After climbing a high tower, you slide down a flume on a cushion of running water, either on your back, on a rubber mat, in a one- or two-person inner tube, or in a raft that can carry up to four people. Virtually every slide will have a series of swooping turns and sudden drops. Some are open to the sky, others are completely enclosed tubes. All slides dump you in a pool at the bottom of the run.

Speed slides. Speed slides appeal to the daredevil. They are simple, narrow, flat-bottomed slides; some are pitched at an angle that approaches the vertical, others descend in a series of stair steps. They culminate in a long, flat stretch that allows you to decelerate; a few end in splash pools. They offer a short, intense experience. As noted earlier, the ones at Aquatica are less intense examples of the genre.

Wave pools. These large, fan-shaped swimming pools have a beach-like entrance at the wide end and slope to a depth of about eight feet at the other. A clever hydraulic system sets waves running from the wall to the beach, mimicking the action of the ocean. Most wave pools have several modes, producing a steady flow of varying wave heights or a sort of random choppiness. Aquatica differentiates itself by having two wave pools set side by side, one slightly more sprightly than the other.

Beaches. A large artificial sand beach faces Aquatica’s two wave pools. It is filled with lounge chairs and dotted with shade umbrellas. This is where folks come to relax, recuperate, and get a tan. Most people stake out lounge chairs early in the day and make them their HQ during their stay. For those who don’t like sand, there are several paved areas filled with lounges.

Lazy river. This is a signature water park attraction. Guests grab an inner tube-like float and drift around a circular water course. Aquatica has two such attractions, one of them considerably zippier than the term “lazy river” would suggest.

Water play areas. These attractions are aimed at the younger set, although older kids and even adults are not immune to their charms. Although they may have a few basic slides, the main draw is the water that spurts and springs and squirts from every imaginable direction. Kids especially like the water cannons that let them squirt unsuspecting friends and strangers. At the top of these often elaborate structures is a huge bucket that fills with water and tips over at regular intervals, sending a wall of water cascading over the kids who have gathered below in eager anticipation.

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