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SeaWorld – North End: Entertainment on the Waterfront

Rating: * * *
Type: Indoor and outdoor acts
Time: Irregular and unpredictable
Kelly says: Pleasant enough

There is a regular and ever-changing menu of entertainment on tap in and around the Waterfront. Some of the entertainment takes the form of street acts that could be animal show and tell, strolling musicians, or cut-up physical comedy.

Fairly typical is Groove Chefs, an act that has shown some staying power. Three young guys, who are ostensibly chefs at the nearby Seafire Grill, take a break with garbage cans, pots, pans, and drumsticks and rustle up a rhythmic ragout that is sure to get your toes tapping. The rhythms are intricate, the footwork fancy, and the variety of sounds that emerge from their oddball collection of implements quite amusing.

There’s indoor entertainment, too, on the stage in the back room of the Seafire Grill. The acts that appear here are unpredictable and tend to be in the variety show tradition. Most recently, there was a show called Wild Things that showcased "nature's most misunderstood creepy creatures" in an easy-going show and tell format. The best part is that you can either enjoy these shows while eating or stroll in just for the show. Sometimes these shows are listed in the show schedule on your map.

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