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SeaWorld North End: The Waterfront

Rating: * * *
Type: Themed shopping and dining venue
Time: Continuous viewing
Kelly says: Lovely to look at

Although it is home to two major attractions — Sky Tower and Pets Ahoy, The Waterfront is primarily a place to dine, stroll, and shop. Themed beautifully as a fantasy Mediterranean seaside village esplanade, this area is the gateway to the sole walkway across Bayside Lagoon to the southern end of the park.

The Waterfront is home to three large restaurants, Voyagers Wood Fired Pizza, Seafire Grill and The Spice Mill. All are cafeteria style, all are moderately priced, and all are reviewed a little later.

Between these lies a series of shops offering some of the nicest merchandise in SeaWorld. Each has its own entrance but they are all linked inside, making for seamless, not to mention cool, shopping.

Outside is the esplanade, dotted with coffee stands and snack kiosks and the setting for periodic street shows. On the lower level is a children’s water play area and a sea wall where waves crash every few minutes, soaking the delighted kids who gather there precisely for that reason.

Just off shore, on a tiny island at the base of the Sky Tower, is the Sand Bar, an outdoor bar and one of the nicest places in Orlando to sip a beer al fresco.

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