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SeaWorld – North End: Voyagers Wood Fired Pizza

What: Pizza
Where: On The Waterfront
Price Range: $

Voyagers has a wonderful stone exterior, dominated by a tall parabolic arch framing massive wooden doors filled with windows. You enter, however, to the left, through less grandiose doorways. Inside is a large cafeteria with two serving islands, each containing two identical serving lines.

Pizza is the most prominent offering, all of them prepared in open ovens. The choices are four cheese (mozzarella, provolone, smoked gouda, and asiago) or pepperoni. The pizza is served as a large slice rather than an individual pie. One bit of overkill is a pizza and fries combo.

Barbecue is the other specialty and the choices include BBQ chicken in quarter- and half-chicken servings and half and full slabs of BBQ baby back ribs. Pasta primavera in marinara or alfredo sauce with penne is a vegetarian option, unless you add a grilled breast of chicken. The most elaborate offering is a pesto-flavored filet of grilled salmon served with fresh veggies and French fries.

Most of the seating is indoors, although there is some shaded seating outdoors as well. The interior takes its theme from the Age of Exploration, with murals depicting famous explorers. Overhead are curved wooden beams that evoke the skeleton of an old sailing vessel. Towards the back, slightly separated from the rest of the seating area is an often overlooked area that offers some respite from the usual din. Its tables are covered in colorful tiles or antique maps, while antique maps ring the walls; it’s very attractive and my first choice when dining here.

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