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SeaWorld – North End: The Spice Mill

What: Cafeteria dining with “spicy” entrees
Where: On The Waterfront
Price Range: $ - $$

The Spice Mill, with its pleasing Italian-Mediterranean decor, promises fare that has a little more zing than that being served up elsewhere, although nothing beside the “house specialty” Cajun Jambalaya is really all that spicy. More typical is the homestyle chicken tenders platter.

There is a nice selection of sandwiches, all served with fried and nicely seasoned (those spices again!) potatoes. They include grilled steak and cheese, Caribbean jerk chicken, and beer-battered fish. The hearty meal-in-a-bread-bowl option here is an Amber Bock chile con carne, the amber bock being a dark beer.

Other options include a chicken garden salad and a New Orleans-style muffaletta sandwich, chock full of salami, ham, mortadella, and Swiss cheese, served with a mustard-style potato salad. And, of course, there is a selection of beers, including several dark beer options not always found elsewhere.

There are two identical cafeteria lines to speed serving when things get busy. The Spice Mill’s greatest asset is the shaded verandah seating overlooking the Lagoon. Diners are protected from marauding gulls by thin vertical wires that keep the birds out but let the view in just fine.

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