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SeaWorld – North End: Sky Tower

Rating: * * *
Type: Bird’s-eye view of Orlando
Time: Six and half minutes
Kelly says: For those who’ve seen everything else they want to see at SeaWorld

Riding the Sky Tower will set you back an additional $($3 with an annual Passport), unless you have Quick Queue, in which case it’s free. You’ll have to decide whether the six-and-a-half-minute glimpse of Orlando from on high is worth the extra charge. I regularly see people answering that question in the negative.

The Sky Tower is a circular viewing platform that rotates slowly while rising from lagoon level to a height of 400 feet. From there you can see the dome of Spaceship Earth at Epcot and Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom, as well as some of the Orlando area’s other high-rise buildings. Closer by, you will get a superb view of the layout of Kraken and, across the street, Aquatica. If your timing is right you will get to see a load of terrified riders make a complete circuit on the awesome coaster.

There are two levels, each offering a single row of glassed-in seating that circles the capsule. You pick the level of your choice as you enter. The upper level would seem the better choice, and most people head that way, but it only gives you a 10-foot height advantage that doesn’t really affect your enjoyment of the experience.

Riding the Sky Tower is an enjoyable enough way to kill some time if you aren’t eager to see anything else and don’t mind paying the extra charge. Seeing SeaWorld from the air can be fascinating. You will also gain an appreciation for the cunning way the park is laid out and see why you’ve been having difficulty navigating from place to place in the North End.

The Sky Tower ride is at the mercy of the elements. Any hint of lightning in the area closes it down, as do high winds, which might buffet the top of the tower even when it’s perfectly calm on the ground.

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