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SeaWorld - South End: Bayside Ski Jam (Seasonal)

Rating: * * +
Type: Ski show with music
Time: 20 minutes
Kelly says: Aimed at tweens or so it seems

This boisterous, loud, and harmless show mixes some pretty good water skiing, a dash of jet ski, a little bit of derring-do, and a tween-friendly quartet to middling effect. It takes place in Atlantis Bayside Stadium and uses both the shore and the lagoon as a stage.

Some of the best bits are the simplest, as when two watercraft tow tiered kites that do a little aerial ballet. Then there’s a truly impressive high dive off a teensy platform 80 feet up into water just a few feet from the shore; someone must have dug an awfully deep hole.

A highlight of the show is water skiing and wakeboarding. There’s a bit of everything from aerial flips to adagio skiing with male-female teams. Best of all is a three-man front flip off the ski ramp.

It’s all held together by an attractive young cast that puts its heart into the bland numbers it’s called on to perform. I must say that “Play That Funky Music, White Boy” has seldom seemed less funky. Still, the young kids in the audience love it.

Tip: Catch the last show; it’s more fun after sunset.

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