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SeaWorld – North End: Seafire Inn

What: Burgers, cafeteria-style
Where: On The Waterfront
Price Range: $

“Gourmet steakburgers” are the main draw at this functional cafeteria with its twin serving lines. The Waterfront Burger is essentially a bacon cheeseburger, the Tavern Burger is a variation on that theme with cheddar cheese and peppered bacon, and the Jalapeño Cheddar Burger is just what it says. The Seafire SteakBurger is a plain old cheeseburger.

Other choices include a tropical chicken stir fry, a “cordon bleu” club sandwich, a pulled pork sandwich, and a Caribbean club sandwich. The best dish is the mahi-mahi served over rice with a delicious piña colada sauce. Salads include a Greek salad and an antipasto salad.

Specialty coffees are served here in addition to the usual selection of soft drinks and Busch beers. Seating indoors is somewhat limited and a little too close to the serving areas for my taste; a better choice when the weather’s nice is the shaded outdoor seating. One reason that seating is limited is that only a portion of the place is open during the day. The Seafire closes up in the evening for the Makahiki Luau, reviewed later.

Tip: When you enter, head for the serving line that’s farther away from the door; it’s usually less crowded.

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