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SeaWorld – The North End

SeaWorld is not neatly divided into “lands” like some other theme parks I might mention (although Key West and the Waterfront are a step in that direction). However, a convenient division of the park is provided by Bayside Lagoon. If you look at the map you collected on arriving at the park, you will notice that the vertical line formed by the Sky Tower effectively divides the park in two: the larger northern side (“The North End”) is to the left of the Tower; the southern side including most of the Lagoon (“The South End”) is to the right. In this chapter I have adopted this North End/South End division.

Please remember that this is my terminology and not SeaWorld’s. If you stop a SeaWorld employee and ask, “How do I get to the North?” you may be told to get on a plane and fly to Philadelphia.

The layout and open landscaping of the southern half, combined with the sheer size of the stadiums located there, make getting your bearings relatively easy. In the northern half, however, the layout and lusher landscaping, while pleasing to the eye, can be confusing. When traveling from Point A to Point B in the northern half of the park, use the map to get you started in the right general direction. Then rely on the directional signs, which are posted at nearly every turning, to guide you to your destination.

I begin with the northern half of the park for the simple reason that this is where you enter the park past the Shamu lighthouse in the artificial harbor that graces the airy entrance area. I describe the attractions in geographical, rather than thematic order, starting with The Waterfront. From there I proceed in a roughly clockwise direction, returning full-circle to The Waterfront and the fabulous Pets Ahoy show located there.

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