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SeaWorld – North End: Mama's Kitchen

What: “Healthy alternatives” cafeteria
Where: Across from Penguin Encounter
Price Range: $$

The decor here is retro-modern diner, with simple four-seater tables and padded booths. What also sets Mama’s Kitchen apart is that is has the only menu at SeaWorld that specifies in excruciating detail just what your meal means to your body in terms of calories, fat, fiber and the like.

There is “homemade, low-fat, vegetable chili,” which to my way of thinking is a double oxymoron, but I have to admit it tastes pretty good. Elsewhere on the menu (and without further editorial comment) is Mama’s chef salad, a turkey sandwich on a whole wheat baguette, a seafood salad baguette, a meat version of the chili, and pan-seared chicken breast sandwich. There is also a variety of salads.

In keeping with the healthy theme, the Kid’s Meal at Mama’s consists of a turkey hot dog. They serve beer here, too, which confirms what I have long suspected — that, contrary to popular opinion, beer is actually good for you!

If you are trying to count your calories or watch your fat intake, Mama’s is an excellent (in fact, your only) choice. Those trying to follow a currently trendy low-carb regimen, however, will find themselves pretty much restricted to the chef’s salad.

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