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SeaWorld – Eating at SeaWorld

Dining at SeaWorld is almost entirely of the fast-food and cafeteria variety, a lot of it quite good. There is only one full-service restaurant, Sharks Underwater Grill, but it is a winner. I review all the restaurants a little later. SeaWorld also offers a number of what might be called “dinner shows,” including a Polynesian luau. They are reviewed in a separate section near the end of the chapter.

There is beer to be had at most eateries, but there is precious little else on offer. If you have a hankering for a glass of wine or a mixed drink, you'll have to head for the Sharks Underwater Grill.

You can also get great desserts here. They're made right on the premises and most of the casual eateries offer them. I especially recommend the chocolate cherry and carrot cakes, but those whose taste runs to fruit for dessert won't be disappointed. Fresh strawberries are readily available.

Virtually every cafeteria style restaurant offers a moderately priced (under $10) "Kid's Meal." The main component varies from place to place, but the selection leans heavily to hot dogs and chicken fingers. Kids Meals are served in a reusable Shamu souvenir lunchbox. SeaWorld lets you eat while waiting for or watching the big outdoor stadium shows; there are even snack bars (offering ice cream bars and nachos) conveniently located near the entrances to the stands, but I've seen people bringing in trays from restaurants some distance away. Not all eating establishments are open throughout the park's operating hours. A "Dining Guide," listing the various restaurants and their operating hours, is available at the Information Desk in the Entrance Plaza.

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