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SeaWorld – North End: Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island

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Type: Live water show with sea lions, otters, and walruses.
Time: 25 minutes
Kelly says: The funniest show at SeaWorld

Forget about education. This one’s all about high spirits and low humor and it’s a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Clyde and Seamore are sea lion versions of Laurel and Hardy, or Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton, or maybe two of the Three Stooges. In any event, they’re bumblers.

There’s a plot about a search for gold (and fresh fish), a treacherous otter, and (of course) pirates, but it’s almost beside the point. The real point of this show is watching Clyde and Seamore cavort up, down, and around the multilevel set and into and out of the pool that rings the lip of the stage. The humor is broad and the little kids love it. One thing that makes the show such a hoot is the slapdash way in which the human performers carry it off, bloopers and all. Some of the gaffes are due to the unpredictability of the animals but other boo-boos seem to be written into the script, although few will suspect as much unless they see the show several times.

If you are lucky, you might get to see a walrus or two make a cameo appearance. Walruses, I am told, are nowhere near as tractable as sea lions and, given their considerable bulk and potential for wreaking havoc, they only appear when they’re in the mood. Even then, they may balk at performing, just like a Hollywood star, and the trainers know better than to argue with several tons of balky blubber. As usual, a small child is summoned from the audience to help out (and shake Clyde’s flipper). And, of course, there are the usual dire warnings about splash zones, although the wetness quotient is far lower here than at the Shamu show.

Tip: If you arrive more than about 10 minutes early, you will be entertained by The SeaWorld Mime. If you arrive fewer than 10 minutes before show time, you may become one of his victims. This is not mime in the cutesy Marcel Marceau tradition — there’s no getting trapped inside an invisible box or walking against an imaginary wind. This is mime with an attitude, that mimics, mocks, and plays pranks on the steady stream of people arriving for the show. Those familiar with the work of David Shiner, the clown prince of this genre, will know what to expect. For others, I don’t want to give too much away. This is, far and away, the best of SeaWorld’s pre-show entertainments. It is an attraction in its own right and not to be missed.

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