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SeaWorld – Animal Interaction: Beluga Interaction Program

SeaWorld’s latest animal encounter revolves around the snowy white beluga whales that inhabit the Wild Arctic exhibit. This innovative two-hour experience allows you to step into the artfully designed Arctic environment and actually slip into the chilly 55-degree water of SeaWorld’s simulated Arctic Ocean.

The adventure begins when you and up to three other intrepid souls don a much-needed wet suit and take a tour of the behind-the-scenes area of the exhibit. Then you become part of the show for the tourists as you step into the exhibit itself and sit on the simulated icy shore of the whale’s tank. Under the watchful eyes of two trainers, you will have a chance to pet and feed Spooky, a 1,700-pound bundle of beluga. You’ll even get a cold peck on the cheek. Sadly, or perhaps fortunately, you never get a chance to slip into the bone-chilling water.

The fee is $149 per person ($199 with a souvenir photo package). Participants must be at least 13 years old.

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