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CityWalk – Talk of the Town

Just as the theme parks have their five-star attractions, there are some very special things in CityWalk. We have not attempted a star rating system for CityWalk but instead offer this highly subjective list of personal favorites in a number of categories.

Best food. Emeril’s has to be the choice here. Best wine list, too. There’s really no serious competition.

Best bar. The funky bar at the back of Cigarz, a cigar shop near the upper exit of the Cineplex, is hip and hidden. The bar at Hard Rock Cafe with its spinning Caddy takes second prize.

Best food value. When you factor in what you pay for what you get, NBA City comes out on top, with Bubba Gump’s a close second.

Best place to take the kids. Hard Rock Cafe is the best, but NBA City, NASCAR Sports Grille, and Margaritaville all have kid-friendly aspects.

Friendliest service. Bubba Gump.

Best burgers. The Hard Rock Cafe. Have yours with one of their rich chocolate milk shakes.

Best dessert. Emeril’s elaborate creations take the cake in this category.

Best for the midnight munchies. Finding food after midnight is not always possible, but if Pat O’Brien’s is serving late, that’s the clear winner. Otherwise, check out the “grazing” menu at Jimmy Buffett’s.

Most romantic. If you’re idea of “romantic” is letting your date know you’re dropping a bundle on the meal, then Emeril’s is the place for you. Otherwise, there’s nothing at CityWalk that meets the “dinner by candlelight” definition of romantic. For free romance, take a moonlight cruise to the resort hotels on a shuttle boat.

Most fun. Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, with its wild and wacky decor and exploding volcano, wins the prize here.

Best decor. The Latin Quarter features Mezzo-American stonework and a stunning dance floor beneath a fiber-optic starry sky. The Hard Rock Cafe's memorabilia collection is equally memorable.

Coolest. The hip and witty Red Coconut Club is one of the best clubs in Orlando. At the opposite end of the style spectrum, the funky cigar shed bar at Cigarz offers its own brand of hipness.

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