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CityWalk – The Price of Admission

Officially, there is no admission to CityWalk, but that’s only partially true. First, if you are coming to Universal Orlando just to visit CityWalk, there’s the parking fee to consider — unless, of course, you arrive after 10:00 p.m., which may be the perfect time to begin a visit to what is primarily a nighttime attraction. More importantly, CityWalk’s biggest draws, the nightclubs, all levy a $7 cover charge for the live evening entertainment starting at 9:00 p.m. Hard Rock Cafe never charges a cover, even when there’s entertainment (which is rarely), and Hard Rock Live is not really a nightclub, so cover charges don’t apply there. The Cineplex also charges admission.

If you are coming simply to enjoy the pleasures of CityWalk, you have a choice of paying each cover or admission charge individually or purchasing a one-day CityWalk Party Pass, which is sort of an "open sesame" to all the entertainment venues except Hard Rock Live, which always charges its own, separate admission. The Party Pass costs $12.77; annual passholders receive a 20% discount. You can add a movie at the AMC Cineplex for $3.99; upgrade to 3-D for an extra $3, IMAX for $4, or IMAX 3-D for $5.

If you have purchased a FlexTicket or any multi-day pass to the theme parks (a very likely scenario), then you already have 14 consecutive days of access to CityWalk's clubs, starting on the day you first use your ticket or pass. Be aware that the Party Pass will not be honored at clubs with special events and some clubs will occasionally levy an additional cover charge on Party Pass holders.

To purchase your Party Pass, turn left at the Plaza and look for the box office windows outside the groove discotheque. If these windows are closed, check with the Guest Services window between the ndangered Species store and the Pastamoré Market Cafe.

CityWalk also offers a Meal and Movie Deal ($21.95 including tax and gratuity), which combines a meal at your choice of CityWalk restaurants (except Emeril's or Hard Rock) and an upgradable ticket to the Cineplex; a Meal and Party Deal ($21 including tax and gratuity) combines a meal with a Party Pass. The selection of entrees offered is limited to a half-dozen options at each restaurant; a non-alcoholic beverage is included, but not appetizer or dessert. Standbys like NASCAR cheeseburgers and Pastamoré lasagna are on the menu, but so are more exciting options including Fusion sushi rolls, Bob Marley's curry chicken, Latin Quarter's arroz con pollo, and Pat O'Brien's jambalaya. Depending on how you order, the meal side of these deals is worth $16 to $20, making the movie ticket or Party Pass practically free.

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