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Islands of Adventure – What To Expect

Islands of Adventure has many of the same kinds of attractions as Universal Studios Florida, with some notable exceptions. As at Universal Studios Florida, your first step is to consult the 2-Park Map brochure, which you can pick up as you enter the park or in many shops throughout the park. It has a great map of the six “islands,” each of which will be discussed in detail in the sections that follow. Here are some general observations about what’s in store for you:

Rides. The rides here come in all shapes and sizes, from relatively tame kiddie rides to slam bang simulators and coasters. They also vary widely in terms of "throughput" — the number of people they can accommodate per hour. Pteranodon Flyers, for example, has a minimal throughput, while Cat in the Hat processes a surprising number of riders each hour.

Roller Coasters. Coasters spawn long lines, although the ones at Islands of Adventure are so intense that sometimes the wait to ride is surprisingly brief. Both coasters have separate lines for the daring few who want to ride in the front row; for these folks the wait is often lengthy.

Amphitheater Shows. These operate on a fixed schedule listed in the 2-Park Map. Generally, seating is not a problem.

Theater Shows. Only Poseidon's Fury and Ollivander's Wand Shop could fall into this category and neither is an exact fit.

Displays and Interactive Areas. There are three separate interactive play areas for children; all of them can captivate your kids for hours on end. Keep that in mind when planning your touring schedule. The displays in the Discovery Center in Jurassic Park, while also enthralling for many children, are less likely to eat up considerable chunks of time.

All the Rest. Islands of Adventure has many more places to get away from the crowds than does its sister park. In fact, if you have a multi-day pass, you might want to bring a good book one day and just chill out along the shore of the Great Inland Sea.

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