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Islands of Adventure – Toon Lagoon


After the intensity of Jurassic Park, the zany, colorful goofiness of Toon Lagoon is a welcome change of pace. Many of the characters you have come to know and love through the Sunday funnies in your hometown newspaper can be spotted here — some appear in blow-ups of their strips, some have been immortalized in giant sculptures, and some will actually be strolling the grounds and happy to pose for photos. A visit here offers a unique opportunity to live out a child’s daydream of stepping into the pages of the comic strips and exploring a gaudy fantasy world filled with fun and laughter.

Toon Lagoon’s main drag is Comic Strip Lane, a short street of shops and restaurants, including those described below. It is an attraction in itself. Nearly 80 comic strip characters call this colorful neighborhood home, including Beetle Bailey (on furlough from Camp Swampy no doubt), Hagar the Horrible, and Krazy Kat. The concept makes for all sorts of serendipitous juxtapositions. Hagar’s boat hangs over a waterfall that falls into a big pipe that bubbles up across the way at a dog fountain where all the dogs from the various comic strips hang out.

Turning off Comic Strip Lane is the zany seaside town of Sweet Haven, a separate section of Toon Lagoon containing a variety of Popeye-inspired rides and attractions. Water is a recurring theme in Toon Lagoon and you can get very wet here. See Good Things To Know About … Getting Wet in the introduction to this chapter for a strategy to follow.

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