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Islands of Adventure – Marvel: Storm Force Accelatron


Rating: * * *
Type: Spinning cup ride
Time: 1.5 minutes
Short Take: A dressed-up standard carnival ride

Tucked behind the Hulk coaster and Cafe 4, under a futuristic purple and blue dome, is this Marvelized version of a fairly standard amusement park ride. A large circular spinning platform contains four smaller circles that spin independently.

Each of these small circles holds three cup-like cars that also spin independently. When the whole thing gets up to speed, there are three levels of spin. An added bit of oomph comes from the circular control in the center of each car that allows the riders to control just how fast their car spins.

The cars are designed to hold four adults but with kids aboard the number can increase; I am told the record is eight passengers in a car. The spin control works quite well and with some vigorous turning you can add quite a bit of momentum to your brief spin cycle whirl. Even if you skip the ride, it’s worth strolling back here to take a peek at the back end of Hulk.

Tip: To get the full effect of the strobe lights that represent Storm’s lightning, ride this one at night.

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