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Islands of Adventure – Shopping in Toon Lagoon

The shopping scene in Toon Lagoon is a little chaotic, with merchandise (and even entire shops) changing suddenly. The wares in Gasoline Alley seem to change more often than most. Recently, the theme was beach and casual wear with an “Islands” theme, including swim wear, towels, sandals, and flip-flops. (And beware the oil cans stacked at the entrance!)

Across the way, Wossamotta U offers Internet access ($5 for 10 minutes, $10 for 30), cell phone charging ($10 per hour), and other high-tech services.

Tucked away under Betty Boop’s piano is the entrance to the Betty Boop Store, a shrine to the original boop-oop-a-doop girl. Collectible dolls and figurines are available in a variety of sizes and outfits not to mention price points. There are T-shirts, of course, but the sleepwear is a classier choice, when it’s available, which is not always.

The biggest store in Toon Lagoon, Toon Extra, is not well marked, but you can enter it through Beetle Bailey’s tent, under Flash Gordon’s rocket, or through those huge rolled up Sunday funnies that serve as columns for the zany building in which it is housed. This is another Islands of Adventure shop that’s worth popping into just to gawk at the decor. What you will find on sale is hard to predict except that it will be a mix of clothing, most of it for kids, plush toys, and miscellaneous souvenirs.

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