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Islands of Adventure – Shopping in Marvel Super Hero Island


The shops here tend to mix and match their wares and styles come and go, so take the following notes with a grain of salt.

The Comics Shop is your chance to fill in that unfortunate gap in your literary education by immersing yourself in the Marvel universe. Colorful wall displays feature the last two or three issues of virtually every title in the Marvel comic line. You can also get large format paperback collections and novelizations based on popular characters. For collectors without the big bucks needed to acquire the real thing, there are hardbound, full-color volumes containing ten issues of The Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, and other popular titles. Collectible — and high-priced — Marvel figurines are also available. T-shirts, videos, model kits, and the standard Marvel souvenirs round out the offerings here.

The vest-pocket Oakley shop sells high-end sunglasses and watches, most of them bearing the ultra-hip Oakley brand for $75 to $400. (There’s a price to be paid for being on the cutting edge of fashion.) They also offer shoes and backpacks, just in case you have any money left. It’s a virtual carbon copy of the Oakley shop in San Francisco/Amity over at Universal Studios Florida.

You can’t miss the Spider-Man Shop unless you’re foolish enough to skip the Spider-Man ride. (If you’re entering from the street, look for the “5 & Dime” sign.) T-shirts form the bulk of the merchandise on display. Sometimes you will find other clothing items like flashy sports jerseys and sweats (in season). Those who really identify with Spidey can pick up Spider-Man action figures, figurines, toys, glasses, mugs, key rings, towels, and costumes.

Across the street, the Marvel Alterniverse Store offers pretty much the same range of merchandise as the Spider-Man Shop except it’s not limited to a single character. In other words, this is Marvel T-shirt central, and if you’re into this sort of thing, the assortment is fabulous. For the well-to-do kid, there are figurines, signed posters, and even animation cels from Marvel cartoons costing several hundred dollars. More affordable are videos, mugs in the shape of the heads of various Marvel characters, and models and action figures for younger kids. In the back of the store, you can have your photo taken with Spidey in front of a green screen, which is replaced by an appropriately animated background in the purchased print ($21 and up).

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