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Islands of Adventure – Seuss Landing

Probably best described as a 12-acre, walk-through sculpture, Seuss Landing adds a third dimension and giddy Technicolor to the wonderfully wacky world of Theodor Geisel, a.k.a. Dr. Seuss, whose dozens of illustrated books of inspired poetry have enchanted millions of children.

Universal designers have gone to great lengths to evoke the out-of-kilter world of the Seuss books, avoiding straight lines and square corners wherever possible. Buildings curve and swoop and sometimes seem to be on the verge of toppling over. Much of the architectural detail looks as though it was sculpted out of some especially thick cake icing and is now gently melting in the Florida sun. Even the foliage is goofy. Many of the wacky, twisted palm trees that dot the landscape were created by the fierce winds of Hurricane Andrew and loving transplanted here by Universal’s grounds staff. The rest had to be painstakingly trained to create that Seussian look.

In its own cheerful, candy-colored way, the fantasy architecture here is just as successful and just as impressive as that in Port of Entry. Even if you have no interest in sampling the kiddie rides on offer here, you will have a great deal of fun just passing through.

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