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Islands of Adventure – Marvel:
And All the Rest

Kingpin’s Arcade, admittedly, seems less out of place here than its equivalents elsewhere. That’s because the world of video games is, after all, a comic book world and some of the machines in here represent the current state of the art in this genre.

The games run on tokens, which you can obtain from a vending machine. No refunds are given so you’re forced to use them all, which might not be all that much of a challenge since some of the fancier games require six tokens. If you ride Doctor Doom’s Fearfall, you will exit through this incredibly loud emporium. Look for the hole blasted in the wall that leads to Cafe 4.

Several times a day, according to a schedule listed in the 2-Park Map, there is a Character Meet and Greet in the plaza opposite the entrance to the Spider-Man ride. Several characters from the X-Men comics — Rogue, Storm, and Wolverine, as well as Spidey — appear to give autographs and pose photogenically with your kids. Unlike the costumed cartoon characters encountered elsewhere, these heroes will actually talk to you.

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