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Islands of Adventure – Lost Continent: All the Rest


The Middle Eastern bazaar section, sometimes referred to as Sinbad’s Village, houses a number of carnival-style games, much like those found along the Amity Boardwalk in Universal Studios Florida, just decorated differently. Also like those games, there must be some reason why people feel drawn to them, we just haven’t figured it out yet.

Far more entertaining than another game of ring toss is the mysteriously smoking and bubbling Mystic Fountain that sits in front of the central entrance to the Sinbad show’s amphitheater. Once just an interesting added touch to the fun of Lost Continent, the fountain has been elevated to the rank of a full-fledged attraction in the Adventure Guide. It would appear to be dedicated to some ancient and mysterious oracle to judge by the open-mouthed face sculpted into it. Indeed, this fountain even talks to you. Although it seems friendly enough, beware. Its hidden agenda seems to be to get you very, very wet.

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