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Islands of Adventure – Toon Lagoon: Amphitheater Shows

Rating: * * * to * * * *
Type: Seasonal amphitheater show
Time: About 20 minutes
Short Take: Usually worth watching

This large amphitheater marks the boundary between Toon Lagoon and Marvel Super Hero Island. It hosts an irregular series of short-run live shows and special events (Rosie O’Donnell once taped here, for example). The television show iVillage Live broadcast from here before moving to Chicago.

It’s impossible to anticipate what, if anything, will be on when you visit. Most recently, “Max Hoffman’s Agro Circus” stunt shows involving skateboards and BMX bikes have performed. Whatever’s on tap will be listed in the 2-Park Map. It may be that these shows will be back or you may encounter something completely different. Or perhaps another television show will recognize the special opportunities this venue offers.

The best seats in the house. During the stunt shows, bikers will periodically zoom out into the audience, fly up a short ramp, and come to a deft stop right in front of the first row of the upper section of seats, making this the prime seating location.

These shows are “seasonal,” meaning they run during the summer, at Christmas, and over Spring Break. If something is going on here during your visit, don’t miss it.

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