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Islands of Adventure – Seuss Landing: One Fish, Two Fish

Rating: * * *
Type: Flying, steerable fish
Time: 2 minutes
Short Take: Good, wet fun

Here’s an interesting twist on an old carnival ride. You know, the one where you sit in a little airplane (or flying Dumbo) and spin round in a circle while your plane goes up and down. On this ride, based on the Seuss book of the same name, you pilot a little fishy. While you can’t escape the circular route of the ride, you can steer your fish up or down.

Supposedly, if you follow the directions encoded in the little song that plays during the ride (“red fish, red fish up, up, up; blue fish, blue fish down, down, down”), you can avoid being doused by the water coming from a series of “squirt posts” that ring the perimeter. There are three verses to the song and, as far as I could tell, it actually is possible to stay dry for the first two by following directions. The third verse, however, tells you that all bets are off and that your guess is as good as the next fellow’s. It is the rare rider who gets through the ride without getting spritzed. Not that most people care. In fact, it looks like some kids do just the opposite of what the song counsels in the hope of getting Mom and Dad soaked.

Note: On cold days, and sometimes in the cooler morning hours, the ride does not spray water on the riders, which will probably come as a relief to parents and a disappointment to little ones.

This ride is very nicely designed, with perfectly adorable little fish cars and an array of Seussian characters serving as the squirt posts. Presiding over the center of the circle is an 18-foot-tall sculpture of the Star Belly Fish from the book.

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