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Islands of Adventure – Toon Lagoon: Me Ship, The Olive


Rating: * * *
Type: Interactive play area
Time: Unlimited
Short Take: Nice but can’t beat Camp Jurassic

Resist the temptation to come here after the raft ride and throttle the little darlings who were squirting you with the water cannons. Instead let your littlest kids loose in this three-story interactive play area representing the ship Popeye has named after his one true love. Older kids will find this spot of limited interest.

The ship theme is clever and well executed but makes for cramped spaces. Still there are some good reasons for at least a brief visit. The top level offers some excellent views of Dragon Challenge, all of Seuss Landing, and an especially good angle on the Hulk coaster. Videographers and photographers will definitely want to take advantage of these photo ops. Also on the top level is a tubular slide that will deposit little kids on the middle level where they will find, on the starboard side, four water cannons they can aim at hapless riders on the Bilge-Rat Barges ride — and they’re free!

Also on this level is a “Spinach Spinnet,” a cartoon piano that little kids will enjoy banging on. Yet another corkscrew tubular slide takes your tykes to the bottom level, where they can play in Swee’ Pea’s Playpen. For those who cannot climb the many stairs of Me Ship, The Olive, a small elevator is thoughtfully provided.

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