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Islands of Adventure – The Lost Continent


From the color and fantasy of Seuss Landing, the intrepid adventurer plunges into the mystery of The Lost Continent. Cross a wooden bridge to the sound of mystical windchimes, and enter a land of ancient myth.

Photo Op: The first thing you see, when you enter from Seuss Landing, is a statue of an armor-clad griffin. Another guards the entrance from Jurassic Park. These grim guardians have quickly become one of the favorite spots for tourists to pose for that “I was at Islands of Adventure” shot.

As you approach the Lost City, you glimpse over a craggy boulder an enormous hand holding an equally enormous trident. Only when you have walked a little farther do you realize that the boulder is an enormous head of the god Poseidon and what you are seeing are the remnants of a very large and very ancient statue that fell down eons ago. Just opposite is a brooding extinct volcano, with the faces of titans carved in its flanks. It hides Mythos, perhaps the most eye-popping restaurant in any Orlando theme park.

The grand scale and attention to detail in the architecture of The Lost Continent is exceeded only by the adjoining Wizarding World. It’s rare that theme park visitors pause just to take pictures of buildings but it happens here all the time. Add to the visual splendor what many people consider to be one of the finest restaurants in any theme park in the world and The Lost Continent becomes a small but special island indeed.

Tip: A barely themed wooden bridge leads from near Mythos to the Discovery Center in Jurassic Park. This “temporary” addition, built during construction of the Wizarding World, allows you to bypass the Potter area when it’s overpopulated. Look for it to be open on crowded days.

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