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Islands of Adventure – Seuss Landing: If I Ran the Zoo

Rating: * * *
Type: Interactive play area
Time: Unlimited
Short Take: Fabulous fun for toddlers

This interactive play area is based on the charming tale of young Gerald McGrew who had some very definite ideas of what it takes to create a really interesting zoo. There are three distinct areas, each of which allows little ones a slightly different interactive experience. The first is filled with peculiar animals that appear over the hedges when you turn a crank or laugh when you tickle their feet.

Little adventurers can also slide down the tunnels of Zamba-ma-tant and crawl through the cave in Kartoom in search of the Natch before reaching a small island surrounded by a wading pool. There they’ll be able to control bouncing globs of water and trap their playmates in cages made out of falling water. In the final area kids can stand over a grate where the Snaggle Foot Mulligatawny will sneeze up their shorts. Then they can squirt a creature taking a bubble bath, only to get sprinkled themselves when the critter spins dry.

All told, there are 19 different interactive elements to keep your child giggling all the way through this attraction. Kids will dart about eager to try them all, which may be one reason the “Zoo Keeper Code of Conduct” at the entrance warns, “Keep track of adults, they get lost all the time.”

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