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Islands of Adventure – Good Things To Know About ...

Here are some notes that apply specifically to Islands of Adventure. General notes that apply to both parks will be found in Chapter One: Planning Your Escape.

Dining Passes

It is actually possible to eat at Mythos, IOA's top-tier restaurant, without paying admission to the park. Here's how it works: Make a reservation at Mythos (see "Reservations," below) and then stop at the "Will Call" window, to the right of the ticket booths at the front entrance to the park. Tell them you have a reservation at Mythos and want a "Dining Pass." They will provisionally charge your credit card for one-day passes for everyone in your party. You then have 2 1/2 hours from the time of your reservation to eat and return to Guest Services. In addition, they require that you return within 30 minutes of the time you pay your check at Mythos (the time will be stamped on your credit card receipt). When you return and show your receipt, they will tear up the credit card slip; overstay your welcome and you will be charged for a one-day pass. If you find yourself running late at Mythos, alert your server to the situation and the restaurant will run interference for you with Guest Services. Although the Dining Pass program was designed specifically with Mythos in mind, you can use it to visit Confisco Grille as well, if you ask.

First Aid

There is a first aid station in Port of Entry, just past the turnstiles, in the Open Arms Hotel building. A second first aid station will be found tucked away in the bazaar area near the Sinbad theater in The Lost Continent (number 8 on the IOA map in the print version of this chapter).

Getting Away From It All

Each of the islands has a park-like, attraction-free section tucked away near the shores of the Great Inland Sea. I suspect these were designed as venues for private parties and corporate events. They are little visited by most guests and offer a terrific opportunity to escape the madding crowd. They also boast excellent views across the Sea to other islands. On days when the park is open past sunset, they are surprisingly private and quite romantic places to snuggle up with that special someone.


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