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Islands of Adventure – Marvel: Captain America Diner

What: All-American diner fare
Where: Near Spider-Man
Price Range: $

The food here is perfectly themed: All-American Burgers and Super Hero Sides. The burgers are actually pretty good, and chicken fingers, chicken salad, and sandwiches are also served. Any diner worth its salt should serve milk shakes and this one does, chocolate and vanilla.

The decor is techno-modern, with steel seats and metal benches in the booths and huge mural-like depictions of characters from the Captain America comics looming overhead. There are two circular dining areas with tall walls of windows looking out to the Great Inland Sea. A small outdoor seating area is right on the Sea and makes a great place to eat, if you don’t mind the occasional freeloading bird. These seats not only look out to the Lost Continent, but also offer one of the best vantage points for watching riders on Hulk.

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