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Islands of Adventure – Seuss Landing:
Cat in the Hat

Rating: * * * *
Type: “Dark ride”
Time: 3.5 minutes
Short Take: Classic storybook dark ride with a little zip

Dr. Seuss’s most popular book tells the tale of what happens when two kids, home alone, allow the cat of the title to come in for a visit. Step through the doors beneath that giant red and white striped top hat and you will get your chance to relive the adventure.

This is a “dark” ride but perhaps one of the brightest and most colorful you’ll ever encounter. You and your kids climb into cars that are designed like miniature six-passenger sofas and set off through a series of 18 show scenes that re-create the story line of the book. Just don’t expect the static tableaux of the older generation dark rides.

One of the nicer touches on this one is something that Universal describes as “a revolving, wallpaper-peeling, perception-altering 24-foot tunnel.” Brace yourself for a few quick swoops, sudden turns, and maybe a 360-degree spin.

Along the way, the ride does a remarkably good job of telling the story of the book. The fantastic animated sculptures of the cat and his playmates, Thing 1 and Thing 2, spin and twirl while furniture teeters and topples. The wise fish, who is the tale’s voice of reason, cries out warnings and ignored advice until, miraculously, all is set to rights before Mom gets home. Kids familiar with the book will be delighted and those who aren’t will doubtless want to learn more. This is a must-do for little ones, although a few very timid tykes still may find the swoops and spins of the ride vehicles (which were greatly toned down in 2010) a bit startling.

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