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Islands of Adventure – Jurassic Park: Camp Jurassic

Rating: * * * *
Type: Interactive play area
Time: As long as it takes
Short Take: Terrific fun for pre-teens

This 60,000 square foot interactive kids’ play and discovery area is about four times the size of Fievel’s Playland over at Universal Studios Florida and will appeal to a slightly older age group, although kids of all ages will find plenty to keep them occupied. The place is a minor masterpiece of playground design and even adults will enjoy sampling its pleasures.

Camp Jurassic transports you to a jungle on the slopes of an ancient active volcano. The roots of banyan trees snake around ancient rock outcroppings and an old abandoned amber mine offers exciting networks of rope ladders and tunnels, as well as subterranean passageways, to explore. There are corkscrew slides, cascading waterfalls, secret hideaways, and a place where kids can do battle with water cannons made up to look like the deadly spitting dinosaurs from the film.

Aside from the water cannons, all the fun here comes from kids burning off energy and exercising their imaginations as they run, climb, and slide their way through this intricate and imaginative maze of a prehistoric environment. Don’t be surprised if your kid gets lost in here for an hour or so and don’t be surprised if you find yourself enjoying it just as much.

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