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Islands of Adventure – Marvel: Cafe 4


In keeping with the style of Marvel Comics, the food choices here are pared down and straightforward. Walk-up stands with names like Chill, Frozen Ice, Fruit, and Cotton Candy selling exactly what their names suggest for a few bucks. Only slightly more elaborate are two cafeteria-like restaurants.

Café 4

What: Italian food cafeteria style
Where: Straight ahead as you come from Port of Entry
Price Range: $

That huge gizmo that dominates the center of Cafe 4 and looks like a gigantic prop from a laboratory in a sci-fi movie beams colorful floating images of the Fantastic Four onto the curved ceiling above. The colorful mural behind the gizmo serves as a fitting welcome to this ultramodern cafeteria.

Judging by the menu, the Fantastic Four must be Italian food fans. Pizza is sold by the slice or whole pie. The BBQ chicken pizza is especially tasty. You’ll also find standard pasta dishes and subs. A spaghetti meal is offered for kids 11 and under. Breadsticks with marinara dipping sauce and Caesar salads round out the Italian theme. Desserts and draft beer are served here along with the usual array of soft drinks.

There’s plenty of indoor seating but it can get loud when it’s filled with noisy kids. There’s also a fair amount of outdoor seating that can also get loud because of the screams from Incredible Hulk riders. A hole torn in the wall leads to the video game arcade (see above).

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