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Adventure Island: Rides, Part 1

Adventure Island is laid out in a sort of figure eight. I have described its attractions in the approximate order you would encounter them on a counterclockwise circumnavigation of the park.

Beach Areas

As you move from the entrance plaza and walk down the steps into the park proper, you see a delightful sandy expanse in front of you. It’s ideal for sunning and relaxing (although not for picnicking) with its many lounge chairs. Many people prefer to spread a beach towel on the pristine white sands. The entire area is ringed by an ankle-deep stream so as you exit you can rinse the sand off your feet. Similar areas are dotted around the park.

Runaway Rapids

This series of five water slides is so ingeniously snaked through a simulated rocky canyon that you are hard-pressed to spot the flumes as you wend your way to the top. To the left are two child-sized slides on which parents and tots can descend together. To the right and higher up are the three adult flumes. Here, as at other slides in the park, red and green traffic lights regulate the flow of visitors down the slides.

You ride these slides on your back or sitting up; there are no mats or tubes used. As a result, they can get off to a slow start but they pick up speed as you hit the dips and turns about a third of the way down. Of the three adult slides, the one on the left seems the zippiest, while the one in the middle is the tamest. None of them are super scary, however, and most people should thoroughly enjoy the brief ride to the shallow pool below.

Wahoo Run

Adventure Island’s newest ride is a twisty, turny mega slide designed for large rafts holding up to five riders. As you zip down 600 feet of corkscrewing blue tunnels at up to 15 feet per second, you pass under four waterfall curtains that guarantee a thorough drenching before you are deposited in a splash pool at the bottom. This is a great family ride.

Paradise Lagoon

This is a swimming pool with pizzazz. At one end, two short tubes (one slightly curved) let you slide down about 15 feet before dropping you from a height of about 3 feet into 10-foot-deep water. A short distance away, you can leap from an 8-foot-high rocky cliff, just like at the old swimmin’ hole. Although the pool seems deep enough (10 feet), head-first dives are not allowed. At the pool’s narrowest point, you can test your balance and coordination by trying to cross a series of inflated stepping stones while holding on to an overhead rope net.

Endless Surf

Adventure Island’s 17,000-square-foot wave pool generates five-foot-high waves for body surfing as well as random choppiness for what is billed as a “storm-splashing environment.” This is the smallest of the wave pools at the two parks reviewed here, with a correspondingly small lounging area at the beach end. Waves are set off in 10-minute cycles, with a digital clock at the deep end counting down the minutes until the next wave of waves.

Fabian’s Funport

Adventure Island’s kiddie pool follows the formula to a “T.” The ankle- to calf-deep pool is abuzz with spritzing and spraying water fountains, some of which let kids determine when they get doused. A raised play area features mini water slides and water cannons with just enough range to spray unwary adults at the pool’s edge. A unique touch here is an adjacent mini version of the wave pool, scaled down to toddler size. A raised seating area lets grown-ups relax while keeping an eagle eye on their busy charges.

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