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Busch Gardens Tampa – Stanleyville: Trans-Veldt Railroad

Rating: * * *
Type: Steam railroad journey
Time: 30-35 minutes for a complete circuit
Short Take: Shuttle with a view

RRight under SheiKra, you can board a reconstruction of the type of steam railroad that served as mass transit in Africa circa 1900, rest your weary feet, and get some great views of the animals of the Serengeti Plain. This is one of two vehicular viewing venues for the Serengeti (the Skyride, described below, is the other).

It makes a leisurely circuit of the park in a generally counterclockwise direction with stops in Nairobi (the closest stop to the main entrance) and the Congo (near Timbuktu). Since you can board or exit at any of the three stops, the Trans-Veldt is a great way to cut down on your walking time, and it provides glimpses of animals you probably wouldn’t see otherwise.

As you travel from Stanleyville to Nairobi you will get a tantalizing preview glimpse of Rhino Rally and Cheetah Hunt (described below), which might help you decide if you want to brave its long lines. Continuing through Egypt on your way to the Congo, you will pass right through the superstructure of Montu and enter the Serengeti where you will see giraffes and a variety of veldt antelopes. Too bad you can’t stop for a longer look. A narrator on the train helps make sure you don’t miss any of the animals and offers interesting facts about the ones you do see.

After the Congo stop, the train loops around the Congo and back to Stanleyville. This portion is the least scenic, although it does provide some fun, “backstage” glimpses of the park, including a close-up look at some portions of Kumba. In fact, the route of the Trans-Veldt takes you past every roller coaster in the park.

Tip: The left-hand side of the train offers the most interesting views of the Serengeti.

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