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Busch Gardens Tampa – The One-Day Stay for the More Sedate

1. If you are not a ride fanatic you don't have to kill yourself to get there at the minute the park opens, although a full day at Busch Gardens, taken at a moderate pace, is a full day well spent. For now, I'll assume you are arriving early. Grab a park map and the Entertainment Guide and bear to the right as you stroll toward Cheetah Hunt. En route, peruse the times for the variety shows and the Meet The Keeper sessions.

2. If you plan to take the Serengeti Safari Tour, sign up now. Take a leisurely tour of Edge of Africa, and if you're interested and the lines aren't too long, you might want to walk to Egypt and pop into King Tut's Tomb. Otherwise, stroll to Nairobi for a visit to Myombe Reserve and Jambo Junction. Don't dismiss Rhino Rally out of hand; the ride is very mild and the wildlife worth a look.

3. Now board the Trans-Veldt Railroad at the Nairobi Station for the journey around the Serengeti.

4. Now you're ready to see some shows. You can walk to Timbuktu for the musical variety show at the Desert Grill (and have lunch if you haven't grabbed a bite yet) or you can stroll the other way to catch Iceploration at the Moroccan Palace.

5. Round out your day with a visit to Bird Gardens and the Critter Castaways show. If you have little ones in tow, don't forget to let them have their own special time in Sesame Street Safari of Fun.

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